"we didn't start the fire...."

It's no secret that our worlds values and ethics are in the toilet. We, in this generation, didn't start this fire...but we sure as heck can put it out. Isn't it crazy that the bible, a book written so long ago, actually PREDICTED the events that are coming true before our eyes. This is an exciting time to be alive...So, go educate yourself on this topic. The Rapture, current wars or even 'rumors of wars."

The End of Times which started over two thousand years ago, is coming to a climax in these days. The VERY last events that are coming to pass NOW, are happening. So, be joyful and excited. But if you are terrified, then you need to do some self education.. It is YOUR responsibility to ready your heart, and your families heart, and come in good with God.

**if you don't know what to do, or where to turn to....then turn to me.!!

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