Redemption Power

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

There is absolutely no question that we are in the End Times. This is a great thing! But for most, you are terrified. God has called on me to help the lost people of this world find him before the end. He's being merciful waiting this long. I can't wait to tell you all about my dreams and visions that I've seen.

I admit I was a lukewarm Catholic and a big skeptic. But my aim is to now go after his peoples heart and soul. I want people to dream again. Almost with a child like faith, just like they do with Santa Claus. To them, Santa is more 'real' and God is unfortunately, a myth. A long legend of sorts. This has to change.

I'm not a 'chicken little saying the world is ending.' I'm a strong and courageous women who saying the End Times are here. I'm going after the ones he feel left, forgotten, and forsaken. I'm coming for you! The question is, are you ready!

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