"Ready or not, here I come"

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

There is absolutely NO DOUBT we are in the End Times.. for believers, this is an epic time to be alive. But, most of the world find themselves lost, forgotten, or in utter despair. My aim, and yours should to, is to remind them that THIS world has forgotten them, God hasn't. THIS world has crapped on them, God is still here... watching and waiting.

I want to cut through the red tape of pain, skip past the heartache, and start the healing. My goal is to go after your heart and very soul.

My ultimate hope is to bring as many home as possible on that day of Rapture.....what's a Rapture you say?? Many do not know or don't believe. It sounds like it's a sci fi movie. But it's in the Bible...the day where God will rise of those who have died, but died as believers and then will take his "faithful and true" home to Heaven to keep them out from the terrible 7 year tribulation. WE DONT DIE on that die!!!!!! We will be 'caught up with the Lord' and then taken away.

So, now I'm making it my life's mission to go after the broken...I was a RN for twenty years, but now I'm trying to heal hearts and souls.

Got my coffee, my bible, and my 'to go' bag when he comes!

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