"Gone loco"

Is it me, or does the world seem likes it lost its brain? It's no secret that we are in a state of moral upheaval and being 'vain' is more common place then being simple and true...I know this generation did not start this. But has been in play for the last two thousand years. All of 'this' behavior has been predicted in the Bible...actually, I used to scoff at the idea that the Bible was the tell all tale of events to come...but if you sit down and do some research, then you will be shocked. Come on, use Google for something good! Do your homework, and you will see how close we are to Christ's return. Yay for me... but what about the other 6 billion lukewarm believers and the ones who have just given up? I believe He's waking up people like myself, to help guide the lost home...are you one of them and don't know what to do? Call on me....

So, why not get crazy about God? Why not go nuts about him?...I know, oh boy do I know, how crazy this sounds... but my maker is gonna be coming soon, so I want everyone to greet him when finally comes!!

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