Forever and ever...amen?

How many of you want to go to Heaven? I'd say all of you, of course. But are you apart of this 'dress rehearsal' we have here on earth? Are you living like you are in Heaven? I know I'm not, all of the time. I get caught up in emotions I shouldn't. Do things that aren't apart of that Holy realm.

I tell myself that I need to get my head in the game. To keep going and keep fighting for what's important to me. We are at the end.. believe me. In fact, the other night I had ANOTHER dream from God..I woke up with a man's voice saying to me "The light's about to break and every cell will change. But I will pull you through." I don't know why, but he's definitely been doing something Divine in me.

I know this sounds corny, but close your eyes and ask him for Divine guidance in the end of this mess. He will talk to you and you WILL receive it. If you knew me you would think my mind has done a 180 turn. You feel like your heart got socked with love from him. I'm NOT a "Holy roller" by any means. But I know he's got a mighty big plan for me.

So, when will you give up the struggle? How will you find your broken hallelujah? Because I want to sing forever and ever with you amen!!

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