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"Where brokenness and redemption meet."

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At age 40, I had lost everything. My husband, my children, and my self worth. I was broken beyond repair and now left to deal with my life. It took years, but now God is saying it's now time for me to rise up and do what he ultimately intended me to do. I finally understand that my main purpose now is to assist others, through many years of trial and failure on my part, to find grace, love for self, and forgiveness. I believe He has blessed me with His Divine wisdom and understanding and told me that if "I speak it, they will listen." So, after two years of contemplation, I decided to accept His challenge and help others on their own personal road to salvation and personal freedom. From prisoners, to the broken, the lost and forsaken, and the ones who have been left. I'm coming for you! It is time to find their way home again... the question is, are you ready?

There is absolutely NO doubt that we are in the End Times. Thank God... but so many have been left confused and just plain exhausted. My aim is find the ones who have lost their faith, are on the fence with their beliefs, or just plain stopped believing. They need to understand that the world left them, God didn't. The world put them in their circumstances, but He's still there. To assist them directly and cutting through the red tape of pain. Bypassing all of the pain and heartache that I struggled through, and took so many years of my life. Through laughter and tears, my intention is to go after your heart and soul to make you fall in love with yourself and God all over again.

This virus that has plagued the earth will go away. But, God is screaming in my ear that it has finally begun. So, I believe it is my job as a sister in Christ to warn this sinful world that here is a storm coming of great magnitude. I admit I was a skeptic before. But He has graced me with a new sense of purpose. Even after I broke his heart, he was still willing to raise me up and have a new life. 

This world is lost and broken. Times are unimaginable for most on this earth. I told Him that on that day I come home, I will be bringing the rest of the world home with me. I will never break a promise to Him, or to you.


My promise to you..

*To teach the truth.

*To be a refuge for you & your clients. 

*To show their is more then "this" life.

*To help you face your fears and how to overcome with power and reverence.

*To instruct you on these End times. To replace fear, confusion, and loss of power with hope, excitement, and love. 

Faith is hoping in the incredible and receiving the impossible

"She brings a powerful message of hope, love and understanding in these End Times. My mind was finally put at ease with her. She is raw and very real."



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Personal Consultant 

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